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What We Believe

† We believe that we are created to praise God and that our chief aim is to worship God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

† We believe that Jesus Christ is God and the Lord of our lives. We believe in the pre-existence of Jesus, his virgin birth, sinless life, and sacrificial death, glorious resurrection, and ascension into heaven and the second coming.

† We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead and that he indwells every true believer. His work within, is essential to victorious Christian Living.

† We believe that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant word of God; therefore the scripture is our final authority.

† We believe that salvation is given to us by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

† We believe in the Eternal Security of believers.

† We believe that prayer is the means by which we are empowered to do the work of the Lord.

† We believe in the anointed leadership of the Pastor, and that the most valuable human asset of the church is an anointed, Spirit-filled, Godly Pastor.

† We believe that teaching is the catalyst for transforming and changing lives, therefore the ministry of Christian Education is the foundational ministry that under grids all other ministries of the church.

† We believe that the Christian life is the beginning of a journey of continuous growth in Christ’s likeness (Discipleship).

† We believe that the family was designed by God and that God’s design for a marriage is male and female union.

† We believe in the priesthood of believers, and that every believer is a minister. Therefore, every member should work in ministry according to their spiritual gifts.

† We believe that every believer has been called to bare witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Evangelism).

† We believe that God’s plan to finance his church is through tithes and offerings of his people. We believe in a unified budget where there is accountability of the funds.

† We believe that death is not the cessation of life but that, through faith in Jesus Christ, it is the new beginning of life eternal with God.

† We believe that every person will give an account of their stewardship of time, talents and treasure before God one day.

† We believe that there is a literal Hell for unbelievers after death and that there is a place called Heaven for believers.

~ And this is what we believe ~